Who we are

Mark Smarduch, Smardbuild founder and chief problem solver, has over 20 years of experience in the building trades.

In 2006, he launched the company with the goal to treat customers with respect and bring passion, experience and craftsmanship to every project.


Remodeling, reconstructing, or renovating a building requires labor, skilled professionals, capital, creative professionals, time, patience, and efforts. But the hard work pays off when you are able to achieve desired building design, infrastructure, and other details.


Imagine you hired more employees, and to adjust their office cabins, you need to make new renovations, you can transform an unused room into an office, or you can create a room by dividing an extra spacious room into two-room through a wooden wall. Other possibilities allow you to remodel your space and make it suitable. In other words, remodeling saves you from the hurdle of searching for a new place and shifting, thereby providing solutions using the place you already have.


Smardbuild home remodelers and contractors can help you remodel your home building the way you want. The taste of people and their interests change over time, and so do the trends of interior designing; it is best to stay updated and remodel your home to stand out, add value to your home and keep the feeling of newness running. SmardBuild’s team of experts works to fulfill your dreams of living in the home of your imagination.

Smardbuild provides consultation on the phone, in-home, and virtually to help clients know and understand different remodeling options and packages. The team of professionals at Smardbuild works to achieve a hundred percent client satisfaction. Smardbuild helps clients to follow the latest trends of interior designing and install the latest technologies to provide clients the ability to enjoy living easily by using innovative machines.

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Here’s What Our Happy Customers Say…

Great Service!

Mark and his team did a terrific job and I could not be more pleased with the final work! Throughout whole siding installation process I was kept well informed about the progress and what will be next steps in the process

Jessica D. / Arlington Hts


Very impressed!
I was out of town at the time when siding has been installed. The installers did an immaculate job, and cleaned up after themselves..

Maggie K. / Palatine


Excellent job! Delivered more than what was expected. Hiring Smardbuild was the best call we made! No pressure sales, good education about siding products and installation process.
Installation team – very good: completed this big project in one day.

Robert T / Naperville