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SmardBuild has been the top Bathroom remodeling company in Winnetka since 2006. We are a reliable and reputable company based on Bathroom remodeling and renovation in Winnetka and nearby areas.

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a wide range of bathroom remodeling ideas that take the guesswork out of renovating.

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Bathroom Remodeling In Winnetka Made Easy.

Serving all of Winnetka, strives to rejuvenate your outdated and boring bathrooms.


Your bathroom can look brand new with a few expert additions. In business since 2006, our company guarantees that we will get it right the first time AND on time!


Our renovation team is happy to work with any budget or project (large or small) until you are satisfied!!

Before inviting us for a bathroom renovation quote, you want to see what we’ve done – here is our work – feel free to get inspired.

Our focus on bathrooms makes us masters of our craft – Bathroom Remodeling is our niche and we are committed to providing the best service, with the highest attention to detail, and quality of work.
We make it easy for your – by being good at what we do!
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Our Approach To Bathroom Remodeling Is Different

Accentuate your bathroom to make it more on-trend with a design that suits the era in which you live. Whether you prefer something classic, contemporary or modern, we have options for everyone!


After learning about your style preferences and practical needs as well as those of rest of the home; our team will take care of everything including designing and procuring materials before beginning work.

We’ve Reimagined The Bathroom Remodeling Experience

We are the bathroom remodeling company of choice for homeowners in Winnetka. We’ve worked for years in the area to make sure this is so!


Do you want to add thousands of dollars to your property value? We can get it done quick and on budget, guaranteed!


Do you need a boost like that? If so, call us today – we’ll make sure your renovation goes smoothly from start-to-finish at all costs.


Let our team help you! We offer free design solutions, labor costs are factored in at the beginning so there are no surprises and we’ll do all of the heavy lifting on custom fixtures. With a wide variety of materials available to choose from including stainless steel or ceramic tile for flooring, granite countertops, bathtubs with jets…


Get free bathroom remodel estimation! Answer a few questions about your current space and renovation goals to receive an initial estimate. A Project Manager will meet with you to learn more, craft custom proposal with scope of work and transparent pricing calculation.


After your bathroom is measured, ourdesigner turns it into a space where the world is at your fingertips. Select from our catalogues of bathrooms or design one completely unique to make every inch perfect for you and yours. All covered: detailed drawings, finishes materials & scheduled deliveries


Our customer-centric remodeling specialists are goal-driven and dedicated to getting the job done. From the onset to the final stages of the project, we’ll carry you along, listen to your ideas, and incorporate every tiny bit of your requirements into the design. We won’t settle until you’re satisfied with the final work.


We’re a family-run business with decades of combined experience in the bathroom remodeling industry. Whether you need just one or two changes done to your bathroom, full gut renovation, new cabinets and appliances – we work around the clock until it’s perfect for you!


You don’t need to break the bank for a bathroom remodel in Winnetka location that will leave you satisfied and proud of your home’s newest remodeled Bathroom! Our experienced specialists use state-of-the art tools, high quality materials, and customizable options so every project is unique. We’re not one size fits all though – we want to make sure our team suits YOU best by providing experience tailored just for what you are looking for in terms of cost or timeline…

Bathroom Renovation Gallery Of Past Projects For Inspiration