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SmardBuild is a knowledgeable and licensed kitchen renovation and remodeling company with a track record of excellent customer services. SmardBuild offers expert kitchen remodeling in Woodridge, IL, and nearby areas.

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Kitchen Remideling Project in Woodridge

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It’s vital to use the expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced kitchen remodeling experts when you want to give your kitchen a brand new look. DIY solutions can take months, leaving you without a kitchen for a good portion of that period. The service of a professional kitchen remodeling specialist will not only save you time but also ensure you get a design that suits your needs, style, and preferences

Kitchen remodeling is meant for experts.
SmardBuild offers professional kitchen renovation and remodeling
with a track record of excellent customer service in Woodridge, IL, and beyond!

Irrespective of your space, budget or preference, Smardbuild is here to create unique kitchen design for your Woodridge home. We use only the best materials to bring your dream to life following a step by step procedure to ensure we finish in the best time possible. Services we offer include:
Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Woodridge

Kitchen Cabinets

Our wide selection of kitchen cabinets is perfect for different kitchen styles. Either for refacing or replacement services for your kitchen cabinets, we have options that will meet your budget needs and sense of style. Ranging from knobs, hinges, wall cabinets to floor cabinets, experts at SmardBuild will assist you in selecting the perfect option without compromising on quality.

Affordable Kitchen Countertops Woodridge

Kitchen Countertops

Ranging from wooden, granite, quartz, laminate, tile, and other countertops design, our engineers will work with you to find a perfect option that will add to the beauty of your kitchen.
With cost-effective and different color options, varying sizes, and edge designs, you’ll surely find something that suits your budget and style.

Affordable Kitchen Islands Woodridge

Kitchen Islands

At SmardBuild, we know how to beautify and make your kitchen more spacious with befitting kitchen islands.
Kitchen Islands provide worktop space while it’s also perfect for the storage of instant things like oatmeal, noodles, rice, and more. Our professionals will help you choose from a wide selection of materials for a wow design.

Affordable Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes

This is a trendy addition that will complement your kitchen style. With several options such as mosaic, tiles, glass, stone to choose from, you can never go wrong with our wide variety of kitchen backsplashes.
In case your kitchen style does not fit a kitchen backsplash, a kitchen peninsula is a cost-effective and excellent option that will complement the existing design.


After your initial contact with SmardBuild, we’ll send a qualified professional to come over to your facility for a thorough consultation. We’ll get to know you better, does your needs, wishes, timeframe, and more. Finally, we’ll start working on the remodeling project to make your dream kitchen come to reality.


Our kitchen remodeling options are affordable. We eliminate the affordability hassle that comes with kitchen remodeling without compromising on quality. Without spending hours, perhaps days to negotiate pricing, we’ll come up with affordable pricing.


It costs between $70, 000 to $300, 000 to remodel a kitchen. On average, a kitchen remodeling in Woodridge costs between $85, 000 and $120, 000. The final cost is usually determined by the materials used, the size of the space, and the scope of the work.


Our customer-centric remodeling specialists are goal-driven and dedicated to getting the job done. From the onset to the final stages of the project, we’ll carry you along, listen to your ideas, and incorporate every tiny bit of your requirements into the design. We won’t settle until you’re satisfied with the final work.


At SmardBuild, our remodeling specialists are equipped with the experience, modern tools, and professional-grade equipment to get the job done. Our team can also work around the clock to beat any deadline so you can get unfettered access to your kitchen systems as soon as possible.
Our philosophy is unique. Building a team for each design-build opportunity allows our clients to receive the best quality team for their particular project. We are not a one-size-fits-all but rather a what-team-best-suits-you organization.