Remodeling with higher standards

Our tried and tested for years our skills ensure that your remodeling experience with Snardbuild is a smooth and plaseant one.

Here’s how we deliver on time, on budget  amazing remodeling experience.


From start to finish we want to be part of your project team. While we don’t perform design in-house, we work also with designers to make each project one-of-a-kind and we are happy to help you find the right match.

Step 1. Phone consultation

To help us get a better idea about your project, send us a few pictures of your current space and how you want to improve it. We’ll have a phone call to go over the details and schedule the in-house consultation.

Step 2. In-House Consultation

The first step is to send us a few pictures of the space/project you’d like to
upgrade or remodel. We’ll have a phone call to discuss the details and
schedule an on-site consultation..

Step 3. On-site consultation

We'll come to your house, walk around, take measurements, and complete a
thorough inspection. We'll also listen to your goals and vision for your remodel
job. During this visit we can also take photos so we can create a 3D rendering of
your project if you like.

Step 4. Confirmation of project plan

At this step, you'll be able to review detailed estimated and 3D drawings complete with all the features we discussed. Your project plan will include necessary materials and the timeline for your project.

We'll also review your communication preferences -- phone or email?

Step 5. Renovation

We're as excited as you are to begin your project.You can expect our crews to arrive between 8 and 9 am each morning.We take pride in respecting your property and cleaning the area at the end of each workday.To help in this effort, we ask that your property be clear of any unnecessary items as we work.

Step 6.Final Walkthrough

We’re only satisfied with our work when you are. So, at the end of every project we ask you to take a final walk-through with our crew leader to make certain everything is done to your liking. When we get your OK, we clean up the property leaving only your beautifully remodeled exterior showing. As always, we appreciate any and all referrals.

Project Gallery

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